Jacob Tomlinson

is a unix system administrator by day and a website and app developer by night. With experience in RHEL and OS X administration, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, MySQL, CodeIgniter, Wordpress and much more. When he is not tapping away at his keyboard you can usually find him making music, gaming or spending time with his wonderful fiancée.

Featured Project

Hagerty Care is a worldwide company which primarily sells products for cleaning silver, jewellery and metals. They also have a floor cleaning range and a surface care range. I was approached to build a brochure website for Hagerty in the UK. They weren’t interested in selling the products from the website but only to provide … read more

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How to prepare for a hackathon

by under Events on 08 Apr 2014

So this weekend I’ll be taking part in the 2014 NASA Space Apps Challenge. This time around I’ll be leading a team, rather than just joining one on the day, so I feel like I have to be extra prepared. Here is a checklist of all the things you should do before going to a … read more





Python script: Recursively remove empty folders/directories

by under Python on 16 Feb 2014

So as part of a script I’m writing I needed the ability to recursively remove empty folders/directories from a filesystem. After a bit of googling I found this very useful script by Eneko Alonso. However the script isn’t really in a usable state for what I want so I decided to make a few changes … read more

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Should I buy a cheap upgraded/reformatted SDHC micro SD card on eBay?

by under News on 23 Jan 2014

Short answer – No! Now I must admit I am one for buying rubbish on eBay and usually fancy myself as someone who can spot the difference between a bargain and a scam. However this time I almost got scammed. I was looking for a 32GB micro SD card to go in my new android … read more

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Convert tweet hashtags, at-tags and urls to links with PHP and Regular Expressions

by under Web Development on 22 Jan 2014

Have you ever been in the position where you are displaying a tweet on your web page and you want to automatically turn all hashtags, at-tags and urls into HTML links? Here is a quick guide on how to do this in PHP. Now of course if you’re using the Twitter API you can use … read more

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Fixing VirtualBox verr_supdrv_component_not_found when selecting bridged networking on OS X 10.9

by under Apple on 10 Jan 2014

While installing CentOS in VirtualBox (version 4.2.4) on OS X (version 10.9.1) I came across the following error message when selecting bridged networking virtualbox verr_supdrv_component_not_found The solution I found to this is to reload the VirtualBox kexts on the host operating system. To do this I used a script which I found here, I’ve put … read more

CentOS in VirtualBox